Envision Machine Website, Photography, Video

Envision Machine & Manufacturing was a relatively young machine shop when we first met. The owners had been working as machinists for over a decade when they began envisioning a better way to serve both customers and employees, so they decided to go out on their own. It was the right move.

The passion they showed for their work was clear, and it needed to be reflected in their website, which was where new customers were finding them. First impressions are everything, so we worked together to make sure the new website portrayed them in a genuine light. Professional photography made that an easy task, allowing us to really capture that passion and deploy it throughout the website.

The company had been growing so quickly that they were already on their 3rd building, so there were a lot of outdated web listings out there–we helped claim and correct bad listings and set up social media profiles to give them credibility. We also supported some recruiting efforts recently.