Why are we different from other marketing agencies?

We know manufacturing. We know business. We’ve worked the machines,

Your business is unique, with it’s own unique vision, and day-to-day challenges. Think of it as a custom machine made up of thousands of smaller components. Every piece plays a role in making the machine function properly. Each component has it’s own unique design with certain material properties and manufacturing constraints that allow it to fit and function within a certain tolerance in order to get the whole thing working properly. Then each component must be maintained, replaced or upgraded occasionally in order to keep it purring.

So if your business is a machine, then your sales people are the operators of the marketing arm of the machine. We creatives are the ones who design and build the marketing machine and the tooling for each product, pinpoint any problem areas or opportunities for improvement, and tinker with the components until it’s running at 100%.

  • Are you trying to diversify your customer base or going after some of the bigger fish in your industry? A video brochure featuring a professionally produced video showing off your capabilities could be a powerful tool to get your salesperson in the door.

  • Or maybe you’re a job shop looking for a more sustainable way to generate incoming leads. A well-organized website that brings in the right kind of traffic and communicates your value in a way that resonates with them might be the ticket. Or sending out a regular newsletter could be enough.

  • Perhaps you’re feeling the talent crunch and wanting to attract more and better people. Maybe interviewing your happy employees on camera and cutting their responses into a social media campaign is the way to go.

  • Wanting to attract more of a certain type of customer or break into a new market through a new division or subsidiary? A solid strategy and a new “brand look” that authentically represents your business can be powerful tools in this very visual world we live in.

  • Is your product or service better demonstrated in person? A trade show, road show, or invitational open house could be an effective method, especially as opportunities to connect with people in-person continue to fall by the way-side. Your competitors are probably not thinking this way–a personal touch could give you huge a leg up!